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לוח רכב

We first listen, understand the needs and only then find you the vehicle that best suits you.
Who come to us understand quickly why 45 years have been customers coming back again and again, personal service at the most competitive prices on the market ..

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קיה פיקנטו 2016

מחיר מחירון 51,800 39,900ש״ח

טויוטה קורולה

מחיר מחירון 85,400 69,900ש״ח

ליסינג מימוני

Financing leasing is in fact a loan for the purchase of vehicles in installments for a period of 36-48 months,
Including the interest component and the decline in value in the transaction.
Especially suitable for businesses since the expense is recognized against an invoice.

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מיצובישי ASX 2.0

(או דומה לו)
מחיר מחירון 133,900 1,990ש״ח

רנו גרנד קופה דיזל

(או דומה לו)
מחיר מחירון 133,990 1,890ש״ח

יונדאי טוסון פריים פלוס 2.0

(או דומה לו)
מחיר מחירון 149,900 2,250ש״ח

מיצובישי אאוטלנדר

(או דומה לו)
מחיר מחירון 169,900 2,550ש״ח

over 90% of our customers would recommend Suncar !!

Ronen Levy

Excellent and fast service!!
Professional staff and great service. Excellent branch!

Kobi Ben David

The most professional staff, Prime location and people are smiling.

Liat Eilon

Professional and human relations at a very high level. A tolerant team which gives a very comprehensive and professional explanation.

Eithan Florennce

Very good price and and recent models cars!

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